XPD Motorcycle Boot Toe Sliders

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XPD Motorcycle Boot Toe Sliders, in Black Plastic, are a neccessity for Motorcycle racing and track days where Metal Toe Sliders are not allowed under ACU Regulations.

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XPD V27 Kit Motorcycle Boot Toe Sliders are a direct replacement for the original toe sliders that are fitted as original equipment to the XPD XP5-R, XPD XP5, XPD XP5 Kangaroo, XPD XP3, XPD VR5 and the XPD VR5 H2OUT Motorcycle Boots.

This XPD Plastic Toe Slider Kit includes the specific Left and Right handed Toe Sliders and the 4 Allen Cap Head Screws, 2 per Toe Slider (4 intotal) and the pictorial fitting instructions.


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