Custom Fit DIY Motorcycle Ear Plugs

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We all know that motorcycles can be very loud, yet many of us neglect to protect our ears. But did you know at 70mph, wind noise alone of 100-110dB can permanently damage your hearing in less than 2 hours.
These R and G Branded, custom fit DIY motorcycle ear plugs offer you a fantastic solution to disposable foam ear plugs.

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These high quality R & G custom fit DIY motorcycle ear plugs are incredibly simple and easy to make at home, taking less than 15 minutes per ear from start to finish.
Using two different safe, non toxic compounds that you mix together to form a soft malleable putty, that is inserted into the ear canal. Over 15 minutes the putty expands like a traditional ear plug but also hardens to a firm, soft hypo-allergenic silicone, leaving a permanent washable, completely unique custom fitted silicone ear plug.

  • Custom fit to your ear
  • Helps prevent hearing damage
  • Done at home in minutes
  • Comfortablefor all day riding
  • Long lasting
  • Washable
  • Reusable
  • Non Toxic
  • Hypo Allergenic

Top Tip: Before the mould sets just pinch a little tab to allow for easier insertion and removal of the ear plug.


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