Nolan N Com B1 Bluetooth Kit for Nolan Helmets

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This Nolan Communication B1 Bluetooth Kit is specifically designed for Nolan Motorcycle Helmets. This Kit includes everything required to fit out a Nolan Helmet for Bluetooth connectivity including Microphones, speakers, battery, Bluetooth Kit and Charger Unit. This new Nolan B1 Kit allows connectivity between Riders and Pillions using Ncom, a mobile phone, sat nav or just to to listen to music in stereo mode with high quality thanks in part to the A2DP profile.

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The Nolan B1 Bluetooth Kit is easily installed into the N103, Nolan N91,Nolan N90, Nolan N86, Nolan N85, Nolan N71, Nolan N43E Air, Nolan N43 Air, Nolan N43E and the Nolan N43 Motorcycle Helmets.

Benefits and features of the Nolan B1 N-Com Bluetooth Kit;

  • Specifically designed for Nolan Helmets
  • Everything required for a Nolan Motorcycle Helmet
  • Easy to install in minutes
  • Ergonomic and easy to use operation
  • New low profile aerodynamic Bluetooth unit
  • Includes high quality speakers and noise cancelling microphone with battery unit
  • Wireless or cable communication with pillion
  • Connect to mobile Phone via Bluetooth
  • 3 way phone call between the caller, rider and pillion
  • GPS connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Rider to pillion communications active even during GPS direction outputs
  • A2DP MP3 players connect via Bluetooth
  • Wired connection to MP3


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